About two weeks ago I wrote about what the paleo diet is and that I, with my mom and dad, will be experimenting with it to see how it affects us. Here are the results thus far:

Week 1: I didn’t have any withdrawals (thankfully). I was eating pretty much the exact same, the only thing that changed was I didn’t add rice, bread, or potatoes to meals. The thing I really struggled with was feeling full. For my mom and dad, however, it was a different story. My dad kept thinking the diet was a joke. He refused to believe that he was actually part of it, but for the first week he did rather well. Normally he cheats right away, but with this he didn’t. My mom had major withdrawals after the second day. She was having headaches and was feeling moody. They only thing that made her feel somewhat better was one cup of coffee at the end of the day. Our cheat meal that week was a breakfast at Cracker Barrel, and it sure was worth it!

Week 2: I was really struggling with staying full. I was constantly eating fruits, or almonds, but nothing could keep me full. I decided that after week 2 I was going to start adding a little bit of carbs to my meals to help me feel more satisfied. My moms withdrawals went away and it was becoming a little bit easier for her. My dad was getting tired of it, and really wanting pizza. The biggest struggle for all of us was trying to think of creative meals to eat so it wouldn’t get boring. One of my favorite meals is the picture I used for this article, it’s a turkey burger patty, with baked asparagus and sauteed zucchini and broccoli!

Results after 2 weeks: I lost about 2 lbs, my mom lost a little more than 3 lbs, and my dad never weighed himself so his is inconclusive.

I’m supposed to have 14 days left of this experiment, but realistically I can’t completely cut out grains from my diet. I think cutting back isn’t a bad idea, but for me personally, grains are important for me to function. And that’s the point with experimenting with different diets, to learn your body, how it works, and what it needs for you to function properly. You need to feed your body what you need. Not every diet is going to work perfectly for everyone and that is ok.

Overall this diet was nice because I barely worked out and was able to actually lose some belly fat and stay toned, and I’m sure if I worked out more intensely with this diet I would be able to easily tone up and become more lean, and get more definition. But this is definitely a diet for someone who is very disciplined and is trying to get a lower body fat percentage.

Have you ever tried this diet? What did you like and what didn’t you like? Let me know!

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