When first trying to get back in shape, get healthy, or change your lifestyle one of the first words of advice you hear are “drink lots of water”. Not only is that one of the first things that is told to you, but it is repeated over and over again, to drink water. I agree water is probably the best option for you, there’s no calories, no fats, no sugars, it hydrates you, your body is made up mostly of water, it helps you stay full longer, it helps your skin and hair, there are endless benefits to water. Water is great and to be honest it’s basically all that I drink. But what people forget to mention are the dangers that drinking too much water, or nothing but water, can bring.

There was one summer a few years ago, I was staying active and THE ONLY drink that I was drinking the whole summer was water. I thought I was doing so well. More than half of the summer went by and I started to realize I was thirsty ALL of the time, my lips would dry out, and my stomach was having these weird pains. Now you’re probably just as confused as I was, because I was drinking nothing but water (like a lot of it) I thought it was impossible for this to be happening, I mean water is supposed to take your thirst away not make you more thirsty. So I continued to drink more water, because I thought I just wasn’t drinking enough. It started to concern my mom especially when I told her about the stomach pains, so she did some research, she thought it could either be diabetes or I was lacking salt and was basically drowning my insides. We were really hoping it wasn’t diabetes so we tested the lack of salt theory first.

We bought sports drinks with a good amount of sodium and I would eat some salty foods. After a week or two of doing this I slowly started to feel better, before I knew it the stomach pains were gone completely and I wasn’t as thirsty as often. You see it turns out that with me working out and sweating a lot, I was sweating out all of the salt in my body and I wasn’t replenishing it after, because I was eating healthier, less sodium filled, foods and all I was drinking was water. Salt is important for your body because it helps you retain the water, and if there is not salt in your body the water just goes straight through you making you thirsty all of the time because your body isn’t getting hydrated. Since your thirsty all the time you continue to drink more and more water which causes you to slowly drown your insides because you’re just filling it with liquids to get rid of the thirst. It’s an unhealthy and dangerous cycle.

Now I’m not sharing this with you to tell you to eat lots of salt and to not drink water. I’m sharing this, to show how important balance in your diet is. Your body needs water, salt, sugar, calories, carbs, fats, proteins, etc. Your body needs all of these things to function, but if you have too much of one thing that leads to negative affects on your body. You need a healthy balance of all of these things, you need to listen to your body and figure out your bodies perfect balance of these things.

Live your Con{FIT}dent You!


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