When meal prepping everyone needs the basics: Carbs, veggies, and protein.

Even if you are a vegan or vegetarian these three things are key components in your diet. To help make meal prepping a little easier for those who choose the meatless life I’ve made a list for each category.


Green peas—1 cup is about 7.9 grams of protein

Quinoa —- 1 cup is about 8 grams

Nuts (peanuts, almonds, cashews, etc)—have about 5-6 grams per oz

Kidney Beans—2 cups is about 26 grams

Chickpeas— half a cup is about 7.3 grams

Tofu—half a cup has about 15-20 grams

Edamame— half a cup is about 8.4 grams.

Hemp  seeds — 3 tablespoons is about 10 grams

Chia seeds — 2 tablespoons is about 4.7 grams

Seitan (a great chicken substitute) — half a cup is about 36 grams



Brown rice

Jasmine rice

Whole wheat pasta

Sweet potatoes

Red potatoes








Bell peppers


Literally any vegetable you enjoy!

You choose one or two things from each category and cook it at the beginning of the week and separate them into containers for each day. For example for protein you could make chickpeas and edamame and lay it on a bed of jasmine rice with broccoli and bok choy and enjoy with some soy sauce and sriracha! You can mix and match with all of these options, and you won’t have to make the same meals each week if you don’t want to!

Don’t forget to live your con{FIT}dent You!

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