If you’re anything like me, you like to work out alone without any distractions or anything that could take your hour routine and turn it into a 2 hour social session. Don’t get me wrong working out can be great bonding time with friends and family or even a good way to meet new people. But sometimes you just want to get in and out, and if that sounds like you then here are a few thoughts that I’m sure have gone through your head at some point before, during, and after a workout.

Before: “What should I do today? I haven’t done any upper body yet this week… ugghhh I hate upper body workouts, leg day it is”

“Do I even want to work out? Who’s gonna know? Missing one day won’t hurt”

“Well I did have like 5 cookies last night, ok I’ll go”


During: “I knew I shouldn’t have done this”

“Why did I do leg day AGAIN? My butt is killing me”

“beach body, beach body, beach body, beach body, beach body”

“Nobody look at me, if I don’t make eye contact then they can’t see me”

“Why is that guy hogging the only piece of equipment I need in the whole place??”

“If I do this extra set I can eat that extra slice of pizza later”

“This TOTALLY doesn’t hurt at all, not even a little bit, I could do more if I wanted to”

“Well I’m gonna feel that in the morning”



“It wasn’t so bad after all, but I’m definitely gonna be sore tomorrow”

“I’m glad I did it :)”

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