Most people either give up on healthy lifestyle changes or don’t start them at all because they hate how hard it is. They hate the “sacrifices” they have to make. They hate how much they sweat when they work out. They hate vegetables. They…. just hate. The thing is most people who are in shape do not LOVE to work out, they don’t LOVE to say no to sweets, and they don’t LOVE having to make sacrifices to stay in shape. No one does it because they absolutely love how hard it is, they do it in spite of the difficulties and sacrifices. People do it because they love their bodies. They love themselves enough to want to┬áput the necessary nutrients in their mouths. They love themselves so much they endure the pain of that hour long workout because they know it’ll only make them stronger and better.

If you’re gonna have any reason to becoming more healthy that reason should at least be because you love yourself enough to want the best for it.

Here’s your reminder to live your Con{FIT}dent You!

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