First I want to apologize on slacking on the posts this past week. I took a little time off and went on a mini getaway to visit some friends and my boyfriend. In that time off of posting I also took a little time off on my food intake and exercise. Now I didn’t eat awful, I actually ate as well as a person could’ve while not being in my own home, but I was very lax on my workouts. The only workouts I did were when I played some pickup games of soccer and my boyfriend took me to play paintball on Saturday, which is pretty tiring. But I didn’t consistently have a plan, I didn’t do any strength or core work outs, I ate a lot of sorbet, I didn’t have a consistent sleep schedule, and I drank a lot of my calories.

I’m telling you all of this because I had a setback, and I want you to know it is ok to have setbacks! There are so many times that people have setbacks, and it looks like they may be going backwards, so they get discouraged and just give up. DO NOT give up! Just get back to where you were and you will start to see your results again, if you could do it once, you can definitely do it again and get even further the next time around.

Remember that nobody is perfect, everyone messes up and you are not alone. If you were thinking about giving up, I’m here to tell you not to! You got this, and you are gonna look and feel amazing! Just get back out there and do what you were doing before, eat those greens and fruits and get your body moving again!

Live your Con{FIT}dent You!

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