Here is the dinner I made tonight. It was super easy, and it only took about 20 minutes including prep time (be prepared for longer if the chicken is not defrosted yet). All you will need are:

  • the spices shown in this picture below.


  • Pepper
  • Chicken breast
  • Basil leaves
  • Zucchini noodles
  • Penne noodles
  • Tomato pasta sauce

Preparing the chicken:

Once the chicken is fully defrosted put it on a cutting board or in a bowl to season it. Just use the three seasonings above plus the pepper and season it to taste. If you like a little spice in your life then I would recommend substituting anyone one of those for “Slap Ya Momma” or any other brand of spicy seasoning you prefer. Once you have finished seasoning it to your liking I would put it on a pan that has been greased by olive oil and put it on the stove over medium heat.

The noodles:

While the chicken is cooking you will put some water (amount varies by amount of pasta, check instructions for your pasta) in a pot and put it on the stove until it starts boiling. Once it’s boiling put the noodles in and let it boil for 7-8 minutes. After time is up strain out the left over water and mix in the zucchini noodles with the penne noodles. Keep the stove on low and mix in the pasta sauce.

After about 10 minutes on both sides each the chicken should be ready (cut into the middle with a knife first to check. If it’s pink it needs a little bit longer.) When the chicken is fully cooked you’ll slice it and put it on the plate with your noodle mix and you’ll garnish it with shredded basil leaves for added flavor and coloring.

This is a great meal if you are trying to get into the veggie noodle thing but haven’t yet grown a liking to them, it makes the transition easy. It also is an easy way to get your protein, carbs, and veggies in.

Enjoy the meal and let me know what you think! Always live your Con{FIT}dent You!

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