1. You only lose weight by not eating

    • Most people believe that the only way to lose weight is to eat very little or not at all. I’ve known people to skip meals altogether because they thought it would be beneficial to them in order to lose weight. Not eating only temporarily makes you lose weight, but after a long period of skipping meals, you actually end up gaining weight. The reason for this is because your body goes into panic mode and starts to store fat, because it thinks you’re not going to feed it. So any time you do eat food, instead of your body naturally processing it, it takes the fats and keeps it in your body so that way when you skip your next meal it has something there to keep your body functioning. Now in a previous blog post I mentioned losing weight is basically calories in vs calories out, but that does not equate to actually eating less. There are plenty of foods that you can eat a lot of and it barely equates to 20 calories. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram to stay up to date with future posts, because I will post a list of these zero-low calorie foods you can eat.
  2. Working out takes up too much time

    • I don’t mean to be harsh, but this is just an excuse people use to justify their reasoning for not working out. Work outs take as much time as you want them to. A good way to maximize your calorie and fat burn in a little amount of time is by getting your heart rate up faster and keeping it up. HIIT workouts are perfect examples of high calorie burns with a little amount of time. You don’t need to take an hour and a half to work out every single day. Actually you don’t even need to set aside specific times a day, if you really are that busy you can incorporate workouts into your everyday life. Instead of taking the elevator to work, take the stairs. When your filing papers incorporate squats and calf raises. You can do in-chair ab workouts if you sit at a desk all day. These are small changes to your everyday life that won’t take up too much extra time.
  3. You can’t eat what you like

    • People love this excuse. People really believe that if they start “dieting” or trying to lose weight then they have to completely give up some of their favorite foods, and if you’re doing it right that’s wrong. Ok maybe you can’t go through the drive thru everyday to get that juicy burger and french fries, but make that something to look forward to at the end of the week. Cheat meals are ok and encouraged actually. If people say you can’t have it, then that makes you want it more and you binge eat it, which is not ok at all. The only real change you’d be making would be the number of times you eat that specific thing in a given week or day.
  4. You have to have a gym membership

    • Again this is another excuse people like to make in order not to work out. If you truly believe you need a gym membership then you must find that motivation in you to go buy one. There are lots of places who offer great deals for monthly memberships, but that is not necessary at all. In this day in age there are a lot of work out apps, there are fitness trackers, and there are a lot of resources online, just like this blog. You can do easy workouts at home ranging from body weight workouts that require absolutely no equipment to different types of cardio and HIIT workouts that require very minimal equipment. A gym membership is not necessary.
  5. Working out is not fun

    • Honestly sometimes workouts aren’t fun. Most are designed to make you feel uncomfortable to push you to your limits so you get better. However, I know that isn’t for everyone. Working out can be fun though I have fun dancing, playing soccer, and doing competitive things like races and obstacles course; and each one of these things are really good workouts. Whether you start playing a sport, go to dance classes, or just walk your dog everyday, you can find things that you find really fun that are helping you get your workout in. My advice here is try new things, try everything until you find something you like and works for you, because I guarantee with all there is now a days you will find something you like.


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