I thought I’d go ahead and finish up this series. For a quick refresher, the first one was about changing my portions sizes and learning about calories in vs calories out. The second one was about cutting sugar and how addictive and bad sugar really is for you. To wrap it up here is the 3rd and final step… for now.

Step 3: Being aware of what you are putting in your system/cooking your meals. I’m putting these two together because they kind of go hand in hand. This part was fun for me because I enjoy cooking. I like to experiment with new recipes and make my own concoctions. This transition was pretty smooth. I started little by little. Instead of going out for lunch and dinner, I would go out for lunch and stay home and cook for dinner. It started as simple as that. Eventually it went from eating out 75% of the time to cooking 75% of the time, then to eventually cooking 95% of the time and only really eating out on the weekend for dinner. To be honest it wasn’t even that I was just cooking at home, but I was cooking healthier alternatives to otherwise unhealthy meals. Instead of going out for a burger and fries I would cook a turkey burger with a whole wheat bun and sweet potato fries. Instead of chicken fried rice, I would eat chicken “fried” quinoa with steamed broccoli. I was slowly going from fast/fried to a more clean diet. I was also checking the nutrition facts and ingredients before I bought something off the shelves.


You see I wasn’t being super intense and counting every calorie, carb, and fat that went into my body. What I was checking for was how much sugar, fat, and calories were in it, which I had a mental note of what I thought was appropriate for me, and I glanced over the ingredients, and if the ingredients had more than 2 giant words that seemed too unnatural to me I put it back. That is all I did, I didn’t sit there and read every single item on the back of every label and calculate every number possibly going into my body. It just takes a quick glance and a mental note. Now for the cooking every meal thing, for those of you were already saying “I’m way too busy for that, it is unrealistic”. I only cooked everyday during the summer when I had nothing else to do. However during the school year: I had a job, I was a full time student, and I was on the soccer team. My ONLY day off was Sunday, which I used Sunday to do all of my grocery shopping and I cooked dinner (sometimes lunch) for the whole week. Essentially I was meal prepping every Sunday. Which on Sunday you hate, but the rest of the week you are so grateful for your Sunday self, because you always have a healthy meal on hand and all you have to do is microwave it. In this step you basically get the most of what you make of it. But this is the step that got me to where I am physically, mentally, and emotionally. Healthy/clean eating is beneficial for all aspects of your health (which just gave me a great new topic for a future blog post :)).

Well that is my final step for now (until I fully learn the proper eating habits to gain lean muscle). Thanks for reading, until next time live your Con{FIT}dent You!


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