So this is me. The picture on the left was the first summer after my freshman year of college. Yes I was a collegiate athlete, I played soccer as a matter of fact, but I still managed to gain about 10 lbs my freshman year. Most of that was muscle, well at least that’s what I told myself and continued to tell myself as I slowly started to gain more weight throughout my college career. I had entered college at my smallest weight which was 120 lbs, and by the time I finished my sophomore year going into my junior year, I was about 147 lbs at barely 5’4″, and I stopped weighing myself after that mostly due to embarrassment. I was never fat, and most of it really was muscle, but I honestly was eating awfully. I would eat Whataburger all of the time, I would go out every weekend to drink and eat out, I ate microwaveable meals, and I would just stuff my face with sweets and sugar because I would think “oh I’ll just run it off later”, and that was true during soccer season, but when it was off season I would slack off big time on my work outs. Entering my junior year at 147 lbs I realized if I kept going down this path, after my senior year and I’m officially done with soccer I am going to be another statistic. Another collegiate athlete who lost control of her weight, because she couldn’t adjust to the non-athlete lifestyle. That’s not the person I wanted to be at all, so that’s where it all turned around. That’s how I became the person in the picture on the right. That picture was taken about 3 weeks ago, which is 3 years later from the picture on the left, I’m recently graduated, and weigh 125 lbs, and am leaner than I have ever been. The journey of losing over 20 lbs and keeping it off for about a year and a half has been a tough and long one. I’m not going to sugar coat it. You have to really change your mindset and view your body as a temple. Your body has to be something that you want to keep healthy and young for as long as possible. How I got to be where I’m at now was through a lot of trial and error, and determination. I had to find a way of eating that best fit ME, foods that MY body liked, exercises that worked for ME. I’m still not where I want to be, there is always a new goal, but everything that has worked thus far, was because it was stuff I found worked for ME, MYSELF, and I. People always go into diets, lifestyle fads, and workouts because they saw it worked for someone else and then get upset when it doesn’t work for them. The thing is every one’s body is different and everyone’s body is beautiful, you just have to recognize your own beauty and find what works for you. So this is why I’m starting this website/blog. I want to share my journey, the ups and downs, what worked for me and what didn’t work for me, to hopefully provide inspiration for other people, and to provide tips and advice to help as many people as possible. I am a real person who has my own insecurities, but I want to share them to let people know they are not alone in the struggle and that you are normal. I also want to build a community of real people trying to build their best self who are willing to share their own tips and advice. I just want everyone to be as confident in themselves as they can be!

I’ll be posting as often as possible. I’ll share recipes, workouts, advice, and motivational things. And I would love for ya’ll to share and comment with your own advice!

Remember be your con{fit}dent you! đŸ™‚

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